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  8 - October - 2021

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2021 Fall Date Project

The MPOD Caretakers want to present meteorite falls on their fall dates. For example, Sikhote Aline on 12 February.

This Project will not dip into the MPOD archives so the Caretakers will appreciate anything you can contribute.

To reserve a date just let us know. Thank you in advance :)

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NWA 14185   contributed by Hanno Strufe, IMCA 4267   MetBul Link

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Copyright (c) Hanno Strufe.
53.8 gram end cut.   Aubrite

TKW 1900 grams. Fall not observed. Purchased July 2021 from a dealer in Algeria.


Hanno writes:
Seems this is the first NWA number of the Aubrite that was found not too long ago in Algeria. Maybe more NWA numbers of this material will come soon.

The photomicrographs are from Dr. Greshake:

Photo 3: crossed polarizers

Photo 4: crossed polarizers. colored grain on left is diopside; on right gray enstatite; black shock veins

Photo 5: crossed polarizers. enstatite, mosaic construction and black shock veins

Photo 6: crossed polarizers. enstatite, fracture systems

Photo 7: parallel polarizers. enstatite, fracture systems

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Almahata Sitta
Vincent Haberer

This Month

Michael Hofmann
 10/10/2021 2:59:16 PM
Roger Warin
 10/9/2021 7:44:42 AM
Very good choice !
Twink Monrad
 10/8/2021 9:35:34 AM
Hi Hanno, so interesting and beautiful photos
Andi Koppelt
 10/8/2021 3:42:55 AM
White Beauty!

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