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  20 - February - 2014

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Chelyabinsk   contributed by Gregor Hoeher   MetBul Link

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29.75 grams.   LL5

TKW 1 ton and counting. Observed fall 15 February 2013, in Chelyabinskaya oblast’, Russia.

 Gregor asks if anyone has an explanation for this fusion crust. 

Gregor writes:
Chelyabinsk Individual that was found west of the village of Deputaskoye on 19-20 February 2013.

Two sides have got a rough but “normal” fusion crust. The other sides are very bubbly, partly like a second skin which has not burst.

Does anyone have an explanation for that kind of fusion crust?

I don’t know if the material itself is responsible for this. The individual doesn’t look oriented. There is generally a turbulent flow at supersonic speed but this kind of crust seems unusual, more like the backside of an oriented piece. One approach would be that this stone was falling in the low pressure zone behind a bigger piece for a while. In that case it could be possible that a thick degassing melt was forming that was not blown away by upstream flow while cooling.
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Found at the arrow (green or red) on the map below


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980 max length

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Apollo 12 Sample 12005 TS
Anthony Love

This Month

Grant Cottam
 7/15/2019 5:57:05 AM
Since this is porous, isn't it some kind of industrial slag?
Ian Macleod
 2/21/2014 4:58:13 AM
WOW! nice
Wilford Krantz
 2/20/2014 5:52:08 PM
Perhaps it broke off fairly late in the fall when it was still hot enough to glassify the surface but with insufficient time left for out-gassing to complete.

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