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  24 - January - 2018

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MISSING: 9.04 kilogram Sikhote-Alin shrapnel individual   More Info

Wabar   contributed by Paul Swartz, IMCA 5204   MetBul Link

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Copyright (c) Paul Swartz. All rights reserved.
846 grams.   Iron, IIIAB

TKW 2550 kg. Fall not observed. Found 1863 in Saudi Arabia.


Paul writes:
From Buchwald:
In semiclassical Arabic poems Wabar or Ubar is the site of a legendary city, which was destroyed by fire from heaven because of the wickedness of its king.

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Found at the arrow (green or red) on the map below


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Сalama 005 TS
Timur Kryachko

This Month

 1/24/2018 4:20:40 PM
Yes indeed, Bernd, and in addition a new estimate of the fall date in MAPS (Meteoritics & Planetary Science) 38, Nr 7, Supplement, A155*A156 (2003): Estimating a new date for the Wabar meteorite impact H. M. BASURAH Astronomy Department, Faculty of Science, King -Abdul Azez University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Daniel Da Costa
 1/24/2018 9:20:40 AM
Great meteorite
Anne Black
 1/24/2018 8:13:23 AM
Great piece. And very good etching.
Mendy Ouzillou
 1/24/2018 6:06:29 AM
Spectacular specimen and brilliant etch.
 1/24/2018 3:41:26 AM
Wonderful piece!
Bernd Pauli
 1/24/2018 3:21:32 AM
Wow, what a meteorite ... rare and beautiful! Yes, Matthias, read more about this in that article: WYNN J.C. and SHOEMAKER E.M. (1998) The day the sands caught fire (Scientific American. vol. 279, no. 5, pp. 64-71): A desert impact site demonstrates the wrath of rocks from space.
 1/24/2018 2:47:22 AM
An exciting, huge, and beautiful specimen exhibiting brillant Widmannstaetten pattern as well as finely crusted surface. Not at least a sample of a pretty rare meteorite wrapped in a real legend. As far as I know the place of find right in the heart of one of the most secluded deserts of this planet is not longer accessible, at last not nowadays. Congratulation, Paul.

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