I regret to inform everyone that one of Dave Gheesling's meteorites was stolen during shipping.

The specimen is a 9.04 kilogram Sikhote-Alin shrapnel individual. It is an amazing meteorite, and easy to identify.

Please see the accompanying pictures for reference, and the 9.04 kg specimen also remains listed on the Falling Rocks Website:

The meteorite was auctioned off at Dave's Celebration of Life ceremony on September 25th - the proceeds of the auction went to the DBG Trust. It was shipped via FedEx Ground, and personally, I think it's absolutely amazing that they "lost" a 9.04 kilogram iron meteorite. I find it hard to believe that it was misplaced, given the size and weight of the specimen.

If anyone in the meteorite community sees this meteorite for sale anywhere, please contact me immediately.

Please feel free to forward this information to any of your meteorite email lists or social media accounts.

Sean Murray
IMCA #3138