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  1 - March - 2020

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Sikhote Alin   contributed by John Mixter, IMCA 5107   MetBul Link

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17.9 grams. 28 x 22 x 13 mm.   Iron, IIAB

TKW 23 MT. Observed fall 12 February 1947, Primorskiy kray, Russia


John writes:
Oriented with Two Holes - Iron Mask Appearance

A remarkably oriented Sikhote Alin specimen that remained in stable position during atmospheric entry. The major characteristics unique to this process are flow lines, a flowing appearance of the metal itself on the leading edge, often with a well-defined roll-over rim. This piece has it all, plus TWO remarkable burn holes, a double feature almost never encountered. The position of the holes, coupled with the raised, elongated rim between, gives it the overall appearance of an iron mask. Stunning!
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Found at the arrow (green or red) on the map below


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Vaca Muerta TS
Mirko Graul

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John Divelbiss
 3/1/2020 6:21:17 AM
very interesting...this particular individual has a unique shape and look for a SA. thanks for sharing John.


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