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  24 - February - 2024

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Ribbeck   contributed by Zsolt Kereszty, IMCA 6251   MetBul Link

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Copyright (c) Zsolt Kereszty.
3.6 grams.   Aubrite

TKW 983 grams. Observed fall 21 January 2024, Brandenburg, Germany.


Zsolt writes:
My girlfriend and I found this 3.6 gr Ribbeck meteorite a little southwest of the village of Lietzow in a winter wheat field on February 14, 2024, at 16:45 in the afternoon before sunset. The meteorite was right in front of me in a tractor wheel trail that had not been searched before. It rained in the afternoon, so the fusion crust of the meteorite was very dark gray, blackish in color, but the cracked crust was clearly visible under a magnifying glass.

Examining it under a microscope at home, I was shocked to notice how beautifully bubbly and foamy whitish the fusion crust is on the back. One of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen. In addition to the meteorite, several smaller pieces fell, because the meteorite fell on January 21st and since then there has been frost and rain several times, so the meteorite has gone through several freezing cycles. We carefully recorded all data, GPS coordinates, time, soil and plant sample, as it should be done.

This was our third search expedition in this area of Ribbeck. In the end, we walked a total of 200 km and found 4 meteorites, weighing 10.6, 9.2, 4.2 and 3.6 gr. The two smaller ones will be sold soon.

The members of the expedition were Szilvia Horvath, Oliver Nagy, Csaba Emodi, Zsolt Kereszty. Thanks to them and our supporters (planetology.hu, Academy of Hungarian Sciences Planetology Subcommittee, Hungarian Meteoritical Society).

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Ron Gill

This Month

John lutzon
 2/24/2024 10:37:38 AM
Great effort, great find for a B,G,A, (see below), Aubrite. I'm happy the tractor wheels weren't a meter to the left or right; in a few months she would've been plowed under and lost. To you, your team and the Hungarian institutions, I say Koszonom!
Bernd Pauli
 2/24/2024 9:37:31 AM
Breathtaking, gorgeous, astounding, ... three words that adequately describe these finds. Sincere congrats!!!
Mendy Ouzillou
 2/24/2024 9:00:34 AM
Congrats Zsolt, you put it some significant work and it paid off beautifully!
Twink Monrad
 2/24/2024 6:29:14 AM
I enjoyed Paul's comments, what a wonderful meteorite hunt that would have been! Yes lots of work too!
Graham Ensor
 2/24/2024 5:01:43 AM
Great job Zsolt. Wonderful specimens.
 2/24/2024 3:58:12 AM
Breathtakingly beautiful and strange.
Benjamin P. Sun
 2/24/2024 3:32:31 AM
paul swartz
 2/24/2024 12:28:09 AM
Photo 1 is, in my opinion, the most astounding picture to appear on the MPOD thus far. The photo quality is first rate. The material is mind boggling.

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