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More Information

More Information
Specimens Albin Inquire

Several part-slices of this meteorite are available. All exhibit translucent orange crystals. ASU provenance.
Specimens Allende Inquire

Polished quarter and half stones.
Pictures Canyon Diablo  


91.7 gr, 26x30x37 mm


The Devil's Thumb

Cut from Ruben Garcia's meteorite that starred in the motion picture “Heaven Strewn”. More Info
Specimens DAG 400 Inquire

Thin slices (1mm) of a beautiful lunar meteorite.
Specimens Djati-Pengilon Inquire

Polished part slices.
Pictures Esquel Inquire


27.3 gm, 55x33x2.5


This is a great specimen. All edges are rounded.
Specimens Fukang Inquire

Nice specimens with great translucent crystals.
Specimens NWA 2943 Inquire

1 of only 10 R3-6 meteorites. A visually stunning Rumuruti.
Pictures Orgueil Inquire


various sizes


Micromounts from the Robert Elliott collection.
Sold - 8mg - #1010
Sold -  9mg - #1011
n/a - 10mg - #1009
$110 - 11mg - #1008
Sold - 16mg - #1012

CI1. 1 of only 9 with this classification.
Specimens Steinbach Inquire

Fabulous meteorite! .9 to 1.9 gram part-slices and a 6.75 gram eye-popper. Every one shows the full beauty of Steinbach.
Specimens Zaklodzie Inquire

Nice H6. Various sizes available from 2.2 to 8.8 grams.

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