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  11 - January - 2019

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An MPOD Classic
from 11 January 2014

EET 83225   contributed by AMN   MetBul Link

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44 grams. 50x25x25 mm.   Ureilite

Fall not observed. Found 1983.

Location Map of Antarctic Finds

AMN writes:
Macroscopic Description - Roberta Score
The fusion crust on this ureilite is very thin. The exterior surfaces are smooth and have a dull sheen. The overall exterior color is brownish-black. Crystalline grains with well-developed crystal faces make up the interior. Most of the center of this achondrite is heavily oxidized giving it a reddish-brown color.
Thin Section Description (,6) - Jeremy Delaney
Medium to coarse-grained ureilite with clean crystals of olivine and pyroxene. Thin section is pyroxene-rich with 120 triple junctions being quite common. Grain boundaries coated with dark material containing vein-like metal, graphite and yellow/red cathodoluminescent phase; probably diamond. Tiny metallic inclusions also occur in some pyroxene and olivine grains. Thin section shows a clear dimensionally-dependent preferred orientation of both pyroxene and olivine suggesting cumulus texture. Olivine is Fo87-92 and pyroxene is pigeonite En78-79Wo10.5.

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Sierra Gorda 011
Timur Kryachko

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Mike Kelly
 1/11/2019 9:44:55 AM
I have been working my way thru the old MPOD postings from the beginning. Coincidentally I got to this posting of this meteorite not in the quest to go thru all the previous postings and in my inbox today. Typically I would say time to go buy a lottery ticket. Maybe more fitting to buy a UNWA and cut it open see if I get lucky

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