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  8 - January - 2022
An MPOD Classic from from 8 January 2016

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NWA 10256   contributed by Geoff Notkin/Aerolite Meteorites, IMCA 4242   MetBul Link

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Photos by Suzanne Morrison.   Copyright (c) Aerolite Meteorites.
4.8 grams. 47 x 31 x 2 mm.   CR2

TKW 707 grams. Fall not observed. Purchased February 2015.

Geoff writes:
With a small total known weight of 707.3 grams, Aerolite acquired six identical appearing full stones with smooth abraded fusion crust. A saw cut reveals many distinct chondrules of variable size set in a dark-gray groundmass. This rare CR2 is thought to have been heated at higher temperatures as compared to other carbonaceous chondrites (CI/CM) and formed in an aqueous environment.

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NWA 13014
Hanno Strufe

This Month

Cosimo Gorgoglione
 1/9/2022 4:12:07 AM
when I saw the image I thought a textbook CV like the Allende. I wouldn't have even remotely thought to CR group. I thought it was an oversight when uploading the images. Thank you very much Jason Hutas for clearing up this MPOD dillema :)
Jason Utas
 1/8/2022 10:05:44 AM
Photos of this slice and others of NWA 10256 show abundant CAIs. It is a CV3, not a CR2. The classification should be corrected. Nice stone, regardless.
Dirk Hohmann
 1/8/2022 3:22:52 AM
Looks very fresh. No oxidation-coloures.

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