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  25 - September - 2021

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2021 Fall Date Project

The MPOD Caretakers want to present meteorite falls on their fall dates. For example, Sikhote Aline on 12 February.

This Project will not dip into the MPOD archives so the Caretakers will appreciate anything you can contribute.

To reserve a date just let us know. Thank you in advance :)

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An MPOD Classic
from 25 September 2015

Stannern   contributed by Wendy Swartz   MetBul Link

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1335.4 gram individual.   Eucrite-mmict

TKW 52 kg. Observed fall 22 May 1808, Jihomoravsky, Czech Republic, 133 km from Vienna.

About the Natural History Museum, Vienna:

It is the policy of the NHM to allow visitors to photograph the exhibits, but only for personal use. Pictures cannot be used for commercial purposes without written permission. Happily, the MPOD is in the personal use category.

Dr. Ludovic Ferriere is the Curator of the Meteorite Collection (since November 2018) and also the Curator of the Impactite Collection (since September 2019).

The museum is forbidden by law to sell any part of the collection and they have ceased trading, so they are dependent on donations of material and money to expand the collection. For more information:

Wendy writes:
I visited the Vienna Natural History Museum (NHM) in May of this year. The NHM has the largest meteorite display in the world. I felt like a kid in a candy store when I entered the Hall of Meteorites :)

The Meteorite Hall has been completely revamped and provides a stunning experience. In conjunction with the re-opening of the Hall, the NHM published a book about its meteorite collection (photo 2). Naturally, it has lots of first-rate photos. Check it out here.

Dr. Ludovic Ferriere was kind enough to give me a behind-the-scenes tour on a day when the museum was closed. He told me there are about 1,100 specimens of 650 different meteorites on exhibit, which represents 12% of the collection.

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Boumdeid 2003
Gregor Hoeher

This Month

Twink Monrad
 9/25/2021 9:14:27 AM
 9/25/2021 4:22:52 AM
That Stannern is a real museum piece, looking a bit like a Millbillillie without the laterite-red cover. Of special interest regarding this fall is the fact that a poet was under the eye- and ear-witnesses and wrote about the experience. Not only "a" poet - one of the most famous German poets of the 19th cent.: Johann Peter Hebel.

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