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  8 - August - 2019

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NWA 12692   contributed by Zsolt Kereszty, IMCA 6251   MetBul Link

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Copyright (c) Zsolt Kereszty.
Various masses, as indicated by the photos.   LL3.00

TKW 373 grams total for 16 pieces. Fall not observed. Reportedly found in 2012 by nomads in Mali.

Currently there are only 4 meteorites with this classification.


Zsolt writes:
I would like to introduce my very rare sub-sub typed ordinary chondrite. Its name is NWA12692 LL3.00 S3 W2. Its a scientifically very important sub-sub-type and rare meteorite - only 4 known as LL3.00!

Reportedly found in 2012 by nomads in Mali. Purchased in Morocco, March 2019, from Aziz Habibi, a well respected meteorite seller.

There are sixteen identically appearing stones with masses ranging from 2-157 grams. Exterior surface is desert-weathered with some caliche and no fusion crust. A saw-cut surface reveals many densely packed chondrules, the largest of which is 7 mm in diameter. The largest chondrule (or clast) is irregular in shape and has vesicles. The matrix is black and a few sulfide/metal grains are visible. Classifier is Prof. Carl Agee, UNM, USA.

Classification: Ordinary chondrite (LL3.00). LL based on chondrule size and low abundance of metal. Type 3.00 based on ferroan olivine mean Cr2O3 content and sigma from Grossman and Brearley (2005) and by the presence of S-rich opaque matrix. Comparison of Cr2O3 in ferroan chondrule olivines with those done using the same microprobe and conditions at UNM gave: NWA 7731 (L3.00) Cr2O3=0.430.11 wt%, n=98; NWA 8276 (L3.00) Cr2O3=0.420.10 wt%; Semarkona (LL3.00) Cr2O3=0.410.09 wt%, n=45.

Very limited slices, end-cuts and the two largest mass are available from me directly (PM to cbo@t-online.hu)

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NWA 5507
Cosimo Gorgoglione

This Month

John Divelbiss
 8/8/2019 8:26:46 AM
Love the obvious "coalesced" look of the chondrules in the uncut pieces. An Oolitic looking rock if we didn't know better.
Bernd Pauli
 8/8/2019 5:42:10 AM
Very chondrulicious! Reminds me a little bit of my Ragland pieces (LL3.4).

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