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  6 - August - 2020

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Georgiaite   contributed by Scott McGregor, IMCA 8154   MetBul Link

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Copyright (c) Scott McGregor 2020; permission granted to reuse with attribution.
5.83 grams. 30 x 28 x 8 mm.   Tektite

Scott writes:
Georgiaites, found only in parts of the state of Georgia, are a rare cousin of Texas Bediasites, both thought to originate from the meteorite strike in the Chesapeake Bay, around 35.5 million years ago. They are usually splash form, and tend to appear as green or brown translucent glass.

This particular example is unusual and special in that it has been worked or napped in order to have a sharp cutting edge, likely by archaic Native Americans. The artifact in the form of a disc scraper, typical for Neolithic cultures in the Georgia area between 3000 and 10000 years ago. See this site for additional information.

This Georgiaite was found on December 30th, 1974, by Hal Povenmire, on the Tom Sawyer Farm in Cochran, Georgia, which has been renamed to Greene Acres Farm by the current owners. Hal researched and wrote extensively on Georgiaites and had perhaps the finest collection of these tektites until he passed away in December 2019. The first picture shows the collection card and a separate card with Halís handwritten notes.

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Steve Brittenham
 8/6/2020 11:25:07 AM
Scott, that is so cool. I've always liked things that are worked - Gibeon pieces used for tools, weapons, or ornaments; Libyan glass with evidence of being worked (and in Tutankhamun's scarab pectoral); and Prambanan metal turned into swords are some that I knew of. But now I know of American examples too! Thanks so much for sharing!!
Scott McGregor
 8/6/2020 8:49:52 AM
Thanks. Would love to hear from others with Georgiaites that show evidence of being worked for some amateur archeology!
Twink Monrad
 8/6/2020 8:39:32 AM
So pretty and interesting, today I will get out my tektite collection and enjoy them all over again.
 8/6/2020 6:16:27 AM
Yeah, Bernd, fanstastic against the light with cavities. Simply beautiful.
Chris Thompson
 8/6/2020 6:05:09 AM
Nice Georgiaite, but an even nicer tribute to Hal Povenmire. Thank you Scott!
Bernd Pauli
 8/6/2020 3:34:04 AM
Beautiful Georgiaite and great provenance! Beautiful translucency in photo #6!

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