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  30 - August - 2020

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NWA 12774   contributed by Anne Black, IMCA 2356   MetBul Link

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Photos by John Kashuba.   Photo Copyright (c) IMPACTIKA.com.

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Thin section.   Angrite

TKW 454 grams. Fall not observed. First purchased June 2019, Ensisheim, France.


Anne writes:
Picture under normal and polarized light.

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NWA 2651
Chris Volk

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Anne Black
 8/30/2020 2:46:03 PM
I "know who" ?????? Well maybe. And I am glad you like John's pictures!
Ben Fisler
 8/30/2020 1:49:50 PM
Great photos - modern art!
Anne knows who
 8/30/2020 1:45:10 PM
Yes, John's photography is always superb. And yes, Anne continues to taunt meteorite and TS fans with with special specimens. Thanks Anne. And thank you Bernd for your detailed observations.
Twink Monrad
 8/30/2020 11:30:54 AM
Such beautiful photograpy John and comments by Bernd where I always learn something. Or try to!
Bernd Pauli
 8/30/2020 10:15:06 AM
The larger olivine crystals all show prominent zoning, i.e. a difference in the interference colors between the main part of the crystals and their rims. Beautiful!


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