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  3 - May - 2019

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Whale Tail   contributed by Murray Paulson   MetBul Link

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Photo Copyright (c) Murray Paulson.
134.7 grams. Iron, IIIAB. TKW 5.37 kg. Fall not observed. Found 2007, Alberta, Canada.

Gebel Kamil
162 grams. Iron, ungrouped. TKW 1600 kg. Fall not observed. Found 19 February 2009, East Uweinat Desert, Egypt.


Murray writes:
One of my finds in the Whitecourt shrapnel field had a distinct whale tail where it obviously had slammed into something hard and bent up the end of the specimen. I was delighted when Michael Cottingham put up an almost identical Gebel Kamil specimen and I managed to be the winning bidder of it. The two craters and their shrapnel fields are very similar and as I wandered through the Whitecourt strewn field i could see the obvious rays of specimens radiating from the center point of the crater much like the GK field. Sometimes you would find an interesting piece such as this whale tail and you could get a feel for the incredible forces that tore the main mass apart and shattered it into thousands of pieces.

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This Month

Graham Macleod
 5/3/2019 4:13:50 AM
Great specimens of the Gebel and whitecourt! 2 great meteorites. Cheers Graham
Ralph Croning
 5/3/2019 3:10:21 AM
Very nice specimens Murray!! The Gebel Kamil I purchased off you is a great specimen too. Ralph.


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