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  25 - May - 2022

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An MPOD Classic
from 25 May 2018

NWA 5205   contributed by Bernd Pauli   MetBul Link

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Copyright (c) Bernd Pauli.
See descriptions below.   LL3.2

TKW 4 kg. Fall not observed. Found 2006.


Bernd writes:
Photo #1: The quadrangular endcut weighs 5.67 gr, shows predominantly large, closely packed chondrules and a few bleached chondrules (a.k.a. bullís eye chondrules).

Photos #2 & 3: This slice weighs 8.36 gr, shows a closely packed aggregate of chondrules and quite a few bleached chondrules.

Photo #4: The 9.98 gr slice shows a wide range in chondrule size (0.3 - 11.1 mm) and also several bleached chondrules.

Photo #5: This 12.01 gr slice shows exclusively small chondrules sitting (like the larger chondrules in the other specimens) "bumper to bumper" thus leaving little space for matrix material.

Photo #6: Close-up view of a bleached chondrule. Chondrule bleaching is the result of aqueous fluids flowing through fine-grained chondrite matrix material prior to thermal metamorphism.

Photo #7: Photo taken in cross-polarized light shows a beautiful BO (barred olivine) chondrule sitting next to a colorful PP (porphyritic pyroxene) chondrule.

Photo #8: Photo of a radiating enstatite chondrule taken in x-pol. Light. The chondrule shows a thin veneer of tiny clinopyroxene crystals.

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Hanno Strufe

This Month

jim brady
 5/25/2022 4:15:21 AM
wonderful, thx Bernd and Paul

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