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  14 - February - 2018

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Magura   contributed by Kormos Balázs, IMCA 7256   MetBul Link

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34.47 gram full slice. 5 x 6 cm.   Iron, IAB-MG

TKW 150 kg. Fall not observed. Found 1840, Stredoslovensky, Slovakia.

From Buchwald:
Weinschenk (1889) identified a few tiny, colorless diamond grains in the mixed residue of cohenite, enstatite and monoclinic pyroxenes which remained after dissolving 70 g of Magura in hydrochloric acid. The only other iron meteorite which contains diamonds is Canyon Diablo. The troilite-graphite nodules and the shocked structure are common to the diamond-bearing specimens. This supports the view that the diamonds were produced by a high intensity shock event from preexisting graphite, embedded in the troilite. While the shock event may have been the cratering impact in the case of Canyon Diablo, it may have been some pre-terrestrial event in the case of Magura where no associated crater is reported.

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Dhofar 125 TS
Solar Anamnesis

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John Divelbiss
 2/14/2018 8:33:36 AM
the acid dissolving method of "dropping" out the diamonds mentioned is similar to how I used to capture used diamonds from diamond drilling bits for re-use. We'd cut the end ring w/segments-diamonds together from the drill pipe and put in two baths, first in sulfuric acid followed by a dip in the hydrochloric acid to get our diamonds back. The re-used diamonds would placed in the new bit mold with a point down to cut again.
Kormos Bal*zs
 2/14/2018 6:17:12 AM
Thank you! I'm proud of it.
Stephen Amara
 2/14/2018 4:18:43 AM
Nice!! The faint WID looks like hieroglyph I love the provenance cards!!
Simon Bartlett
 2/14/2018 12:06:56 AM
Hi - well done on your first contribution!

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