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  26 - November - 2018

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Unclassified   contributed by Twink Monrad, IMCA 9454   MetBul Link

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Copyright (c) Paul Swartz.
67.2 grams.   Iron

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Buzzard Coulee
Murray Paulson

This Month

Twink Monrad
 11/26/2018 2:55:52 PM
how would I go about doing that?
Jason Utas
 11/26/2018 12:47:29 PM
Need to make sure it's not a IIAB indistinguishable from Sikhote-Alin. Just like Tamarack, Dutch Flat, and Sawtooth Knob.
Don Cracraft
 11/26/2018 11:04:02 AM
Great pic. Some of the flow lines make some of regmaglypts look very much as if they were fingerprints.
Ben Fisler
 11/26/2018 9:28:04 AM
Great specimen and background story. Thanks Twink.
Twink Monrad
 11/26/2018 8:33:57 AM
I had honestly not realized all of the beautiful flow lines and details until I just saw the photo that Paul took at my house. I wish Jim Kriegh had been able to see the photo!
John Divelbiss
 11/26/2018 7:43:37 AM
nice rollover lip with flow lines
Twink Monrad
 11/26/2018 7:17:06 AM
Should say Jim Kriegh and I were at the rock shop. The owner of the shop has died but he told us he remembered when it came in. His two sons run the store now.
Twink Monrad
 11/26/2018 7:14:57 AM
Unfortunately it is not part of the Tucson Ring meteorite! Jim Kriegh were at the rock shop on Kinney Road by Old Tucson about 15 years ago and it was for sale for $200. We thought it was a good gamble and each gave $100. Jim had the end cut and took it to our local assay office and it did not match the Tucson and also it does not have the tiny black specks that I see in the Tucson Ring. We inquired about the names listed and could not find any info. We looked in the area several times and did see a nice Gila Monster walking around! It was a good adventure and mystery.
Andi Koppelt
 11/26/2018 6:09:15 AM
Stephen Amara
 11/26/2018 3:03:24 AM
Hofmann Michael
 11/26/2018 2:08:23 AM
Bernd Pauli
 11/26/2018 1:13:32 AM
Wow! If this is part of the famous Tuscon Ring iron?

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