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  1 - November - 2019

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Mbale   contributed by Roberto Vargas, IMCA 5746   MetBul Link

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121 grams.   L5/6

TKW 150kg. Observed fall: 14 August 1992, Mbale, Uganda.


Roberto writes:
Mbale is an L5/6 chondrite that fell in Uganda on August 14th, 1992. Metbul has its TKW listed at 150kg. There are so many things to love about this fall.

The first of which is that it was a witnessed fall. Secondly, it's a hammer fall. There are reports that a 3g specimen of Mbale struck a boy in the head. That particular stone, however, appears to have disappeared into someone's collection and the only record of its existence is a picture of the boy holding the fragment. There's also some lore that goes with this meteorite, as the locals were said to have ground pieces of it up and ingested it in the hopes that it would cure HIV/AIDS.

In my collection, Mbale is represented in a 121g individual (shown here) which was purchased from Matt Morgan earlier this year. I also have an 18.1g part slice (in a future MPOD) which I purchased from Rob Wesel late last year.

An awesome fall with an awesome story. I am very happy to have both of these examples in my collection.
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Matthias Baermann

This Month

 11/1/2019 6:36:03 PM
Such a fun meteorite to pronounce! m-BAA-le first syllable is a very very quick "mmm" like "mmm, mmm, good", middle is stressed "bah!" as in "bah! humbug!", and last syllable is also really brief flick forward of the tongue off the front of the palate as in the word "lei"
 11/1/2019 12:28:48 PM
Great stone, thanks for sharing this picture with us!
Bernd Pauli
 11/1/2019 5:36:19 AM
See also: Sky & Telescope, June 1993, pp. 96-97: The Day That Rained Stones.
Don Cracraft 2650
 11/1/2019 3:04:59 AM
Nice, like the additional story about the boy and the ingestion to cure hiv/aids.

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