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  28 - January - 2015

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Souslovo   contributed by Anne Black, IMCA 2356   MetBul Link

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Photos by John Kashuba.  

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A complex, layered chondrule, 1.5mm in diameter.   L4

TKW 19.3 kg. Fall not observed. Found July 1997, Bashkortostan, Russia.

 "The "larger photo" for picture 3 is truly worth a look. 

Anne writes:
From the MetBul
In late July 1997, Ismagil Gaysin and his son Radik were loading hay on to a cart near Souslovo village, 10 km N of Birsk town. The cart was not safe on the sloping track, and the father asked his son to find a stone to secure the wheel. Radik found a stone buried in soil in the nearest ditch. When the work was finished, they decided to bring the stone home because it had an unusual color and shape. Later, they thought that the stone (weighing 19.3 kg) could be a meteorite, and in 2002 sent a piece to the Vernadsky Institute, Moscow for identification. In 1966 March 30, 15:45 UT, a bright fireball was observed in the region and it could be that the meteorite find might be related to the fireball. Classification and mineralogy (S. Afanasiev, Vernad): olivine, Fa23.5; pyroxene, Fs23.2Wo1.3; shock stage, S2; Weathering grade, W0/1. Specimens: 6147 g, Vernad; main mass with anonymous owner.

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Anne Black
 1/28/2015 10:05:10 PM
Thank you Paul. And Yes, John's pictures are stunning. (And I am in Tucson!!!)
gourgues denis
 1/28/2015 11:59:07 AM
The first Picture is like a nebulous... Very nice job !!!
Jim Tobin
 1/28/2015 9:54:47 AM
Thanks Anne and John wonderful photographs of a very interesting meteorite.
Paul Swartz
 1/28/2015 9:35:16 AM
The photos are by the ever shy John Kashuba. Anne browbeats him for photos and then she sends them to the MPOD. I'm certainly glad to have them because John's work just gets better and better:)
Ray Watts
 1/28/2015 7:17:14 AM
That is a truly interesting one ,
 1/28/2015 5:31:50 AM
That is a beauty.
Bernd Pauli
 1/28/2015 3:09:54 AM
Stellar b*e*a*u*t*y !!!
John S
 1/28/2015 2:11:32 AM
All 3 pictures are a work of art!
Graham Macleod
 1/28/2015 1:09:24 AM
Your right about picture 3 Anne! It is outstanding, beautiful lines and true art from Space. Thanks for the stunning photographs :)

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