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  29 - November - 2022

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Arguin 001   contributed by Scott McGregor, IMCA 8154   MetBul Link

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Copyright (c) See Contributor Info.
35.66 grams, and about 60 x 55 x 2 mm.   Cba

TKW 823 grams. Fall not observed. Reportedly found approximately 2 km west of route N2, 5 km east of the boundary of Banc d’Arguin National Park, and 40 km east of the Bay of Arguin in Mauritania. The meteorite was found by a shepherd from Mali who was grazing sheep in the area. The shepherd passed the meteorite on to a worker from a local gold field who in turn sold it to a meteorite dealer.

Scott writes:
I was struck by the similarity of Arguin 001 and Gujba and wondered if they might be paired or at least launch paired, but the Metbull sets that straight:

  Visually, polished slices of this meteorite resemble Gujba, however they are not paired as the metal nodules in this meteorite are smaller than those of Gujba and Gujba has less total metal (41 vol. %), Rubin et al. (2003). The exterior color and patina of this meteorite are distinctly different from specimens of Gujba.

  In any case, they are both among the prettiest and most unusual of the chondrites!

Pic 1: Surface semi-polished with Craig Zlimen’s "satin finish"

Pic 2: 20X zoom on Arguin 001 chondrule at 11 o’clock

Pic 3: 20X zoom on Arguin 001 chondrule at 4 o’clock

Pic 4: Arguin 001 slice next to 17.2 gram 60x40mm slice of Gujba

Pic 5: 20X zoom on Gujba chondrule at 3 o’clock

Pic 6: Arguin 001 uncut stone, showing "golden" exterior

Pics 1-5 copyright Scott McGregor and may be freely used with attribution.

Pic 6 copyright Mark Lyon

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NWA 4969
Luca Fenocchio

This Month

Andi Koppelt
 11/29/2022 1:41:48 PM
Thanks for posting this gem from space. Beautiful!
John Divelbiss
 11/29/2022 11:50:23 AM
pic #6 is unreal... WOW!
Twink Monrad
 11/29/2022 8:45:09 AM
super interesting and pretty
Kally Wombacher
 11/29/2022 5:50:09 AM
Very nice piece!
Steve Brittenham
 11/29/2022 2:21:06 AM
Wonderful meteorite, and great images Scott! The comparison in pic 4 does indeed suggest similar-sized metal nodules between the two meteorites, but I have a slice of Gujba with metal nodules that are not the same size as those from other areas of the meteorite, so I might argue that nodule size isn't necessarily a differentiating factor (but of course the other differences are!).
Jan Woreczko
 11/29/2022 2:10:24 AM

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