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  29 - August - 2019

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TassÚdet 004   contributed by Stefano Prosperi   MetBul Link

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8.612 grams. 30 x 40 mm.   H5-melt breccia

TKW 405 kg. Fall not observed. Found 2016, Agadez, Niger.

The find coordinates provided by the MetBul are 200 km NNW of Agadez, near the Uranium Capital of Niger.


Stefano writes:
Interesting slice of TassÚdet 004, widely traded under the name "Tchifaddine."

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Found at the arrow (green or red) on the map below


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Brian Cox

This Month

Anne Black
 8/29/2019 7:40:29 PM
I understand John. But I am the kind who always wants to know more, so just knowing the classification and that it was found somewhere in the Sahara just does not cut it. Have you ever read the story of some meteorites in the "Handbook of Iron Meteorites" by V. Buchwald? Fascinating.
John Divelbiss
 8/29/2019 4:36:56 PM
I hear you Ann and that seems to be the overall message trending these days from the big sellers and collectors...that only "official" meteorites are considered best for collectors, by many, and for the benefit of the overall market. I will always be on the other end of that thinking, and say that all meteorites, official and unclassified, are worthy of our respect and should be treated as such. My interest on where, when and whom is not as strict as others...plus my $ budget points me to other options.
Anne Black
 8/29/2019 3:20:59 PM
Yes, John D. but with Cat Mountain, Park Forest, Chelyabinsk,....... you know exactly where and when it fell and how it was found and by whom. A whole history, with proofs, that you cannot have with NWAs and other numbered meteorites. Big difference (my personal opinion).
John Divelbiss
 8/29/2019 3:03:06 PM
we have also had some new chondrite falls with some of it being impact melts...like Chergach, Chelyabinsk, Park Forest, etc.
John Divelbiss
 8/29/2019 12:06:02 PM
very nice Stefano...impact melts were once high priced meteorites like Cat Mountain. The desert finds have changed all that.
Bernd Pauli
 8/29/2019 11:24:52 AM
Beautiful impact melt slice with a gorgeous "river of melt" traversing it.

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