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  22 - August - 2018

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Thunda   contributed by John Cabassi, IMCA 2125   MetBul Link

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21.59 grams.   Iron, IIIAB

TKW 62.1 kg. Fall not observed. Found 1881, Queensland, Australia.


John writes:
From The Handbook of Iron Meteorites by V. Buchwald:
A mass of 137 pounds (62 kg) was found before 1886 at Thunda, Windorah, in the Diamantina district. It had been lightly covered in the ground and had been known some time by the natives before Liversidge (1886) could obtain it and describe it preliminarily. Half of it was cut and distributed in the following years, while half of it came to the British Museum as late as 1927. Fifty years after the discovery, Spencer (1937b) was able to add more exact information and a sketch map. According to his informer, two masses of iron, the "Old Man" and the "Old Woman," were known to the aboriginees on Githa Creek on the Maroo holding. The "Old Woman" was transported about 1881 to the Thunda homestead about 25 km to the north, while the fate of the "Old Man" is unknown.

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Twink Monrad

This Month

Ralph A. Croning
 8/23/2018 9:57:09 AM
Very cool!! And nice specimen.
 8/22/2018 7:32:31 PM
I really LOVE this piece Johnno! Definitely an interesting history behind it. In fact, there's a book about Liversidge by Roy MacLeod - Called "Archibald Liversidge, FRS: Imperial Scient Under the Southern Cross" that I read on Google Books that added more knowledge to this historical Australian fall. I'm happy that it is part of our collection

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