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  15 - August - 2020

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MISSING: 9.04 kilogram Sikhote-Alin shrapnel individual   More Info

NWA 5546   contributed by MPOD Staff   MetBul Link

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101 grams.   CV3

TKW 3.8 kg. Fall not observed. Found 2008.


MPOD writes:
The MetBul says this is "provisional" but several other sources say "no, it's a CV3 carbonaceous chondrite".

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Mike Miller

This Month

Paul Swartz
 8/15/2020 9:52:40 PM
Anne: The limit on one comment is 980 characters. I just added a note to that effect at the left and a countdown indicator.
 8/15/2020 9:05:58 PM
MPOD has become a daily habit for me, and the commentary of Bernd, John, Anne et al is lucid and welcome. In this case, there is a need for more XRF testing, so why don't a couple of highly qualified dealers/collectors/respected individuals invest in the the equipment, and offer a service for a fee? Not as a definitive classification, but to eliminate obvious meteorite-wrongs? I hear from Blaine, who has this tool, that one gets grief from those who are disappointed to find their BarBQ charcoal leftovers are not mets, and respond with threats. But perhaps a 'tight' contract protecting the XRF provider, prior to accepting the specimen and payment, could eliminate that circumstance.
John Divelbiss
 8/15/2020 7:12:23 PM
Anne and others...I request/encourage all sellers, especially the IMCA members, to clean up the past Provisionals that were sold as a CV3 for example like Paul's, and other rare or unique provisionals. The ones that were sold at high $/g in good faith should have not have been left to languish as an Unclassified NWA. Time to settle up your classification debts folks.
Anne Black
 8/15/2020 3:28:31 PM
(My answer got cut off, Paul!!!!) As I was saying, we do need more meteoriticists. And of course it would help if finders would have their rocks checked by anyone knowledgeable (collectors, dealers,....) before sending them in and clogging the system. XRF testers are getting to be more common, and a quick test with one of them can eliminate a lot of 'wrongs. And it would help if the finders would accept the verdict, I do Shows, I constantly see people with very obvious 'wrongs (slag, lava, granite, sandstone, even crystals, .....) I tell them they are terrestrial, and they tell me they want to send it in for a full analysis anyway!!! :-((((
Anne Black
 8/15/2020 3:20:33 PM
I know how you feel John, yes it is a problem. I believe there is a multitude of reasons why those meteorites were not classified, Yes, of course, the finder/dealer might not have wanted to pay for the testing of an obviously very ordinary Ordinary Chondrite. Also you might have noticed that a lot of institutions have stop accepting specimens entirely. Why? some got tired and disgusted after having to argue and been threatened by finders who won't accept that their rocks are not meteorites. Others simply don't have the time to handle the flood, and yes it has been a flood. A meteoriticist told me that there were enough specimens waiting in the lab to keep the lab busy full time for a full year, and yet more were coming in the mail. Of course 99.99% of those specimens were terrestrial, but the meteoriticist still had to check each and every one of them, email the sender, argue with the sender,......etc. You can blame the Media and TV for that flood. Solution??? Well, we do need more m
John Divelbiss
 8/15/2020 11:35:11 AM
Provisional meteorites are a black eye on the community and is a real shame in many cases. I am not sure how this process broke down back in those days??...is it purely a lack of someone paying for the testing for release of classification, or is a mix of lost momentum and lack of material... I have never heard one "dealer" explain why a meteorite they had provisional and sold out of was never finished...WHAT THE BLEEP? is what I want to say with many of the nicer provisional meteorites out there. Many of them cost a lost. WE need a MOVEMENT to settle some of these...PMM...provisional meteorites matter. I'm serious.

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