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  1 - August - 2019

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MISSING: 9.04 kilogram Sikhote-Alin shrapnel individual   More Info

An MPOD Classic
from 1 August 2013

GRA 95209   contributed by AMN   MetBul Link

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949 grams.   Lodranite

Fall not observed. Found 1995 in Antarctica.

Location Map of Antarctic Falls

AMN writes:
Macroscopic Description - Kathleen McBride
The exterior of this meteorite has a thin, dark brown, melted-appearing fusion crust. One fracture runs across one surface and evaporite deposits are visible on the edge of another surface. Chondrules on the surface appear lighter than the matrix. The interior of the meteorite is very rusty. This meteorite was very coherent and had to be pried apart along complete fractures during chipping. Metal grains are numerous including areas of concentrated metals and metal sulfides, the largest of this being 1 cm in diameter. Clasts are present as well including some as large as 1 cm.
Thin Section Description (,7) - Brian Mason
The section shows an equigranular aggregate (grains averaging 0.3 mm) of subequal amounts of nickel-iron, olivine, and pyroxene, with a little plagioclase. A minor amount of brown limonitic staining pervades the section. Microprobe analyses give the following mineral compositions; olivine, Fa7; orthopyroxene, Wo3Fs7; clinopyroxene, Wo41Fs5 ; plagioclase, An19. The meteorite is classified as a lodranite.

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Costilla Peak

This Month

Michael Mulgrew
 8/1/2019 12:16:42 PM
Based on just the first picture I would have written this off as a meteorwrong.

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