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  18 - July - 2016

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Osceola   contributed by Brendan Fallon   MetBul Link

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800 grams.   L6

TKW 1100 grams. Observed fall 24 Jan 2016, Florida, USA.

Brendan writes:
(Mike Hankey, Larry Atkins, Laura Atkins, Josh Adkins, Brendan Fallon, Robert Matson, Marc Fries) On Sunday Morning 24 January at 10:27 EST (15:27 UTC) a large daytime fireball streaked across the sky in northern Florida. Over 100 eyewitnesses reported the event to the American Meteor Society (Event 2016-266), describing a white sparkling head and plume of white smoke left behind. Fireball researchers Marc Fries and Rob Matson, found the American Meteor Society witness trajectory intersected with a group of radar returns that appeared shortly after the fall. The radar returns were strong, found at multiple altitudes and located on multiple stations: KJAX, KVAX and KTHL. Larry Atkins was the first on the scene. Mike Hankey arrived 5 days after the fall with Brendan Fallon and joined Larry and Laura Atkins in the hunt. On the 6th day, Mike Hankey found the first stone at 8.5 g on the eastern edge of the primary radar return. Within 2 hours Larry Atkins found the second stone (18.5 g) directly under the radar. The next day, two more stones were found: a 5.5 g stone by Laura Atkins and a 48.5 g stone by Mike Hankey. Six days later over 2 miles away from the first find, an 839 g mass was found by Josh Adkins and Brendan Fallon. A week after that, Larry Atkins found the last stone, weighing 75.5 g. In total 6 stones were found over a three week hunting period for a total weight of 990.5 g.
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Anne Black

This Month

 7/20/2016 10:54:10 AM
I just read a description from Mexico Doug on his experience in Osceola If I had thought about it I may have done the same The history you researched is right up my alley as well The Description above I did not actually write but shared it from one of the first news articles. It's seem to have all the pertinent information.
Jansen Lyons
 7/19/2016 6:49:37 PM
Wow! That's amazing! Great piece, lovely fusion crust, and a hefty guy for sure! Cheers!
Tomek Kubalczak
 7/18/2016 5:09:03 PM
Very nice find :-)
Ben Fisler
 7/18/2016 12:04:59 PM
The blood, sweat, and tears that went into recovery, make it a costly find. Precious stuff.
Michael Gilmer
 7/18/2016 8:21:18 AM
I can attest to the swampy, unfavorable conditions for searching. I got skunked on three occasions. Not an easy hunt (but I had fun anyway!). :)
 7/18/2016 4:58:26 AM
Great fieldwork by Larry & Company! That was crucial in this swampy situation and today's MPOD main mass is the source of specimens in the market was a result of Brendon/Josh's refusing to get skunked. I am still in awe of the last two Osceola stones I found on February 22, 2016, masses of 90.5 g and 18.6 g, which I've been hanging on to. Based on the mass total reported for the six stones plus the last two, there is a total of 1100.0 g recovered. To my knowledge a total of only 8 stones were recovered - the six mentioned above plus the last two February 22. By now it is a good bet that further stones are weathering in the corrosive and mostly unforgiving sandy environment though you never really know!

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