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  17 - May - 2016

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Mundrabilla   contributed by John Divelbiss   MetBul Link

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Many kilos :)   Iron, IAB-ung

TKW 24 MT. Observed fall: no. Found 1911, Western Australia.


John writes:
This Mundrabilla slice at the Smithsonian is about five feet tall (150 cm). The cutting to create this beauty must have involved one big individual ! This photo is from my visit on 4/28/16.
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Found at the arrow (green or red) on the map below


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980 max length

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Anne Black

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John Divelbiss
 5/17/2016 9:41:45 PM
Graham and others. I am glad you like the pictures and yes, grab a copy. Nice to have technology that makes editing/improving photos possible...plus some fantastic specimens to work with at the AMNH. I want to go back there again.
Graham Macleod
 5/17/2016 9:20:47 PM
What a great photo of this Mundrabilla John, I love your reference to Crocodile Dundee M8. I haven't seen this photo before John! Do you mind if I take a copy? Cheers.
 5/17/2016 11:08:52 AM
Its an amazing slice!! And almost as tall as me!!
John Divelbiss
 5/17/2016 9:41:52 AM
Maybe the Aussies felt bad for the Smithsonian...with a a Crocodile Dundee type phrase like "that's not a meteorite slice, THIS Mundrabilla is a meteorite slice!"
 5/17/2016 8:41:17 AM
On the concern by Australians that the US took the 272 kg of Mundrabilla (today's MPOD specimen) and were deadbeats, offering zero in return. Roy Clark [R.I.P.] told them: "At no point was there any indication that an obligation for exchange material was being assumed by us. In fact it was clearly stated that the specimens were gifts. All of our dealings in this matter have been conducted with the Max Planck Institute [which cut the meteorite for the Australians]"
 5/17/2016 7:11:33 AM
"cutting to create this beauty must have involved one big individual !" ==> "The smaller of the two large Mundrabilla masses, weighing 6.1t was shipped to Germany for cutting at the Max Planck Institute ... Eight or nine slab were cut in 1973-1974 each approximately 4-5 cm thick..."
 5/17/2016 4:16:40 AM
Nice...do they do Riker boxes that size :-)
Mark Bittmann
 5/17/2016 2:47:00 AM

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