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  16 - May - 2020

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MISSING: 9.04 kilogram Sikhote-Alin shrapnel individual   More Info

NWA 12669   contributed by Lucian Cojocaru, IMCA 7967   MetBul Link

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Photos by Lucian Cojocaru.   Copyright (c) Lucian Cojocaru.
260 gram main mass.   Eucrite

TKW 569 grams. Fall not observed. Purchased 2018, from a local meteorite dealer in Laayoune, Mauritania.

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Lucian writes:
The meteorite presents patches of fusion crust, with displays of grayish to light-greenish interior. It is a breccia composed of up to 3 cm sized basaltic and impact melt clasts set into a fine-grained clastic matrix.

Minerals predominantly pyroxene with fine exsolution lamellae and calcic plagioclase with average grain sizes of about 80 μm. Minor phases include silica, ilmenite, chromite, troilite, and zircon. No metallic iron was detected.

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