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  3 - April - 2016

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Chergach   contributed by John Divelbiss   MetBul Link

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12.5 grams.   H5

TKW 100 kg. Observed fall, 2 or 3 July 2007, Tombouctou, Mali.

John writes:
I purchased it from Mirko Graul not long after it came to market. The flow lines radiate in all directions (360 degrees) from just off center of the leading face.
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Found at the arrow (green or red) on the map below


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Darryl Pitt

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Graham Macleod
 4/4/2016 3:08:02 AM
What a beautiful Chergach John! Fantastic Flow lines and Crust! Thanks M8.
 4/3/2016 4:47:26 PM
Thanks John. On careful Google-fingering I'm imagining now that the Chergach name was likely an attempt to capture the place name Chegga, nearby in Mauritania, peppered with a little confusion from Erg Chech, the overall place name of this are in three countries (Mali, Mauritania, Algeria). Recovery efforts likely used Chegga as the base camp for making the trek into the part of the Timbuktu region where the fall occurred. There is another formation in the area written as Cheikhia which may also have contributed to the transliteration. It would be exciting to hear Svend's thoughts on this one, and why they didn't just choose Taodenni as the name instead, which is a nearby place ... in Mali, the country of the fall.
John Divelbiss
 4/3/2016 3:00:10 PM
Thanks to all who commented now and in the past with a submission. For this meteorite my collection notes first had Mali, and then Erg Chech as the possible names, and H4 as the type. It became Chergach and a H5. don't know the story of why the name change...maybe Algeria vs Mali, or that it was a 20 km long field (or strewn desert). As a meteorite it has impact melt in some pieces, and obvious shock evidence in most slices. A very nice meteorite that is still a good buy$.
Ray Watts
 4/3/2016 9:55:09 AM
That is one nice example of this observed fall .
Jarkko Kettunen
 4/3/2016 7:53:57 AM
Nice piece! One of my favourite meteorites.
Simon de Boer
 4/3/2016 7:23:26 AM
nice fresh , oriented H5 thanks ...... John
 4/3/2016 2:26:07 AM
Very nice contrast on the fusion crust with its super flow lines and other features. I wonder how this ever got named Chergach... was it a modified anagram of Erg Chech used by residents of the region? Thanks for sharing!


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