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  21 - March - 2020

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Oued Sfayat   contributed by Jonathan Ospina   MetBul Link

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7.755 grams.   H5

TKW 8 kg. Confirmed fall 16 May 2019, Tindouf, Algeria.

From the MetBul:
On May 16, 2019, a meteor was seen by a group of shepherds at 9:00 pm (local time) at the Dakhla camp in Tindouf, Algeria. The meteor came in at a low angle (about 30 ) from the west and was moving east at a relatively low velocity. A shockwave was felt as the meteor exploded, and a booming sound was heard near the camp. Hibballah, one of the shepherds present at the camp, went in search alone the following morning (May 17, 2019) for pieces of potential meteorites that may have fallen, by following the direction of the observed meteor trail and booming sound. That same day, Hibbballah recovered the first fragment, an 80 g freshly crusted individual in the area of Oued Sfayat, a river valley about 70 km to the east of the Dakhla camp.


Jonathan writes:
Chondrite H5,S4,W0

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Found at the arrow (green or red) on the map below


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This Month

Jonathan Ospina
 3/22/2020 12:43:10 PM
Hi jim brady, yes, it's an S4
jim brady
 3/22/2020 5:53:39 AM
such an unusual H5--those black veins , shock?
Twink Monrad
 3/21/2020 12:48:20 PM
New falls are so interesting to look at, so different than the very old crusts on stone meteorites. Although I love them too!
Bernd Pauli
 3/21/2020 5:39:19 AM
An asteroidal gemstone!

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