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  10 - March - 2023

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Normandy (prov)   contributed by Roberto Vargas, IMCA 5746   MetBul Link

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2.9 crusted fragment.   Unclassified

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Roberto writes:
On February 12th, 2023, a Hungarian astronomer named KrisztiŠn SŠrneczky at the Konkoly Observatory discovered a meter-wide asteroid. Based on its trajectory, it was determined that this asteroid was on an intercept path with Earth and would make impact in 7 hours. It was initially named SAR2667, but that was later changed to 2023CX1. Based on its trajectory, it was unclear if it would land in the English Channel or if it would make it to land somewhere in France.

Because of the early warning, many were able to point their cameras in the direction of the incoming asteroid. Its entry was very well recorded with many pictures and videos of the event being captured. On February 13th, 2023, at 3:59am local time, the asteroid entered our atmosphere and landed in Normandy, France.

Two days later, the first piece of this fall was discovered by LoÔs Leblanc, an 18-year-old art student working with the FRIPON/Vigie-Ciel team. Soon, the strewn field was covered in meteorite hunters from all over the world. Some made finds, others went home empty handed. One of the lucky finds occurred on February 26th when a French meteorite hunter came upon fragments of a ~300g stone that shattered on impact with a man-made structure within the strewnfield. This 2.9g crusted fragment came from that stone, purchased directly from the finder. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see the impact marks on the crust.

Iíve heard many provisional names for this fall, including: Angiens, Saint-Pierre-Le-Viger, Fontaine-Le-Dun, Houdetot, Autigny, etc. I, personally, like Normandy. Or, better yet, 2023CX1!

Surely, this will be a fall for the history books. Itís a hammer fall, it has a low TKW of ~800g (more than half of that will be in institutions), itís the first witnessed fall in France in 12 years, and it was the first of three meteorite falls in three consecutive days (France on Feb 13th, Italy on Feb 14th, and USA on Feb 15th). Lastly, it is only the third time that meteorites have been recovered from an asteroid that was tracked from space! Quite special, if you ask me. Iím very excited to have a piece in my personal collection.

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Topher Spinnato
 3/10/2023 10:38:39 PM
A completely enjoyable post. Roberto was kind enough to grant the Knowledge Bolide Crew a recounting of the trip and recovery with Steve. Check my YouTube channel. Roberto is crushing it!
Jerry Boggs
 3/10/2023 10:11:47 PM
Thanks for sharing. great job, wish i could have been there on that great adventure, my dad fought there in WWII, I hope you have more GREAT ADVENTURE'S to come. Take Care, PEACE
John Lutzon
 3/10/2023 9:33:49 PM
Congrats Roberto, was it a wet environment where it was recovered?
Martin Miller
 3/10/2023 7:18:37 PM
Where was the impact? Why not reveal the hammer's location?
John Divelbiss
 3/10/2023 1:17:53 PM
Congrats to you Roberto!! I can't wait to see/hear more about your adventure... :)
Bernd Pauli
 3/10/2023 12:34:45 PM
Hi Roberto, congrats on the acquisition of this little, extraordinary chondritic beauty! The impact marks are readily visible!
Alexander Natale
 3/10/2023 5:52:15 AM
Great post Roberto, Thanks for sharing.

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