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  12 - February - 2019

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Ozerki   contributed by Dobrova Olga   MetBul Link

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11.9 gram slice.   L6

TKW 6.5 kg. Confirmed fall 21 June 2018, Lipetskaya oblast', Russia.

From the MetBul:
The first meteorite fragments were recovered based on analysis of the fireball observed over the Lipetskaya oblast’ in Russia on June 21, 2018, at 01:16:20 UT. The fireball was widely observed from many places in Russia, including Moscow.

The scientists from UrFU, UHelsinki, and the Finnish Fireball Network formed a consortium enabling quick prediction and the actual discovery of the meteorite. Collection of the observational data and trajectory analysis were done by Esko Lyytinen, Maria Gritsevich, Nikolai Kruglikov, and Mikhail Larionov. The derived parameters, characterizing the trajectory were clearly indicative of a number of meteorite fragments landing on the ground.

Using these results, a comprehensive model of the strewn field providing the expected locations of fragments was done by Jarmo Moilanen. The area of the meteorite shower was predicted to be on the line Ozerki – Zlobino - Druzhba, Stanovlyansky district, northwest of Yelets town, Lipetskaya oblast’. The modeling assumed about 100 meteorites (excepting the main body) with total mass ~7 kg.

With the support of these data, a meteorite recovery campaign was initiated by Victor I. Grokhovsky. Five samples of the meteorite (1176 g) were recovered during the UrFU meteorite expedition-2018 (23-27 June 2018; Pastukhovich A.Yu., Yakovlev G.A., Petrova E.V. and volunteer Usenkov A.V.) in the Lipetskaya oblast’. The first sample was found 25 June 2018 by G.A. Yakovlev (59.85 g).


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Found at the arrow (green or red) on the map below


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This Month

Graham Ensor
 2/12/2019 6:29:48 AM
That's a real beauty...and thick crust too.
 2/12/2019 3:26:37 AM
I agree with Peter. Have a quite similar slice of Chergach in the cabinet. Fine pics too. One might even recognize the side of the stone where the heat met him most intensely, making the iron melt and flow through his veins.
Peter Marmet
 2/12/2019 3:15:44 AM
Wow! Stunning slice! I love it!

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