How to embed a Meteorite Picture of the Day
picture into your web page
Insert the following HTML code into your page at the location where you want the picture to appear:

<iframe src="" WIDTH="500" HEIGHT="600" style="BORDER:1"></iframe>

This creates an in-line FRAME on your page. The MPOD will fill your FRAME with content such as the screen-shot to the right.

Adjust the parameters in your FRAME to achieve the results you want.

The following control how the MPOD page will look:
DD specifies the MPOD calendar date for the picture you want. It must have the US date format … month/day/year. 8 June 2014 is 6/8/14 or 6/8/2014.

PICWIDTH is the width, in pixels, for the MPOD picture. The maximum is 800. The default value is 800.

PICNUM is the picture number (1-n) to display. The default is 1.

INNERCOLOR specifies the background color for the picture part of MPOD page displayed in your FRAME. In the screen-shot it’s the light pink color, which has a hexadecimal value of “ffddff”. The default value is white (“ffffff”).

OUTERCOLOR specifies the background color of the complete MPOD page. In the screen-shot it’s the bright blue color (hexadecimal “0000bb”). The default is white.

These control how your FRAME will look:
WIDTH is the width of your FRAME, in pixels.

HEIGHT is the height of your FRAME, in pixels.

BORDER is the width of the line that borders your frame. Use “0” if you do not want a border. There is a 1 pixel black border in the picture.

If the MPOD page is larger than your FRAME size, the FRAME will have scroll bars. If you do not want scroll bars, you will have to experiment with the parameters.

To see the exact size of the MPOD page, set OUTERCOLOR to “0000bb”. This will cause the page to display its width and height (circled in red). Also, set BORDER to 1 or 2 to see how the MPOD page sits in your FRAME.

Generally, the WIDTH should be a bit larger than PICWIDTH. In the example above the difference is 50 pixels (500 – 450).

HEIGHT is more difficult to figure out because the height of the MPOD pictures vary. The best strategy is to first get the WIDTH set correctly. Then, adjust the HEIGHT until it is correct.

After you get your FRAME sized the way you want it you can remove colors and borders.